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Materials & Technology
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Coarse construction - monolithic structure, reinforced-concrete, framework on foundation plate. The high body of the building is detached
by a dilatation joint
When calculating and dimensioning the building all valid standards and regulations at present for calculation and dimensioning of
such type of structures are taken into consideration.
The seismic forces of IX degree according to Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale are taken up by reinforced-concrete diaphragms located
in two mutually perpendicular planes.
The external surrounding walls are of bricks with thickness 25 cm, the internal are 12 cm thick as the individual floor properties
are with individual walls 25 cm.
All external walls are additionally insulated with penopolystyrole, including the bay windows and terraces above the apartments.
The water supply and sewerage installations to the apartments in the individual properties are insulated by double walls.
The windows and doors are PVC, KMG profile – Austrian – 4 chambered with 24 mm glass packet.
Doors – entrance door of the apartment – armoured.
- Heating – heating installation with heat carrier – water 90/70 º С that will be heated in the substation.
Alumina radiators, fitted with radiator valves with thermoheads at the income and secrete valve at the outcome will be used for heating.
The installation is of polypropylene pipes with alumina insert according to the “pipe in pipe” system. For all bathrooms and WC without
windows there will be a mechanic sucking ventilation.
Ventilation is planned for the underground garage.
- Water-supply - polypropylene and polyethylene pipes. For each apartment and shop – water meters for hot and cold water. It is also
planned hydrophore „ELBI” – ERL-DAS.
- Sewerage – PVC pipes in noise-proofed shafts.
- Electrical installation: it is planned: Power installation; Earthing installation; Lighting and sockets; telephone installation; Electric bell
wiring; Ringing installation; Intercom installation; Cable TV installation; Lightning conductor.
Common parts:
Entrances – entrance doors of aluminum profile, shops and block.
Staircases – steps of stone, rail according to the architectural detail.
Lifts – passengers – 2 pcs.
Underground parking: Floor – ground concrete
Facade: Heat insulation, mineral plaster
Roof: Terrace-like, the terraces are to be cold flat roof with frost-resistant granitegrease coating.
Environment: Laying-out according approved plan, parking places in the open – 43 and grassing.

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