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The plan is ready in all its parts, necessary for issuing permission for construction – architectural, constructional, water supply and sewerage, electrical installation, heating and ventilation, geodesy, grassing and plan for health safety.
The standards and regulations valid in the country are observed during making the plan, namely: Law on Territorial Planning;
- Regulation No. 1 for heat insulation design of buildings;
- Regulation No. 2 for fire protection construction-technical standards;
- Regulation No. 4 for the range and content of the investment projects;
- Regulation No. 7 for the rules and standards of planning of the different types of territories and planning zones.
The total number of the apartments in each block is 63 with light height – 2.60 m.
The shops are 8 with light height – 3.20 m.
The apartments are one-roomed, two-roomed and three-roomed.
Each block has the following layout: ground floor with 8 /eight/ shops; - 8 /eight/ floors with 5 /five/ apartments on each floor and 2 /two/ studios; first floor under the roof with 4 /four/ apartments and 1/one/ studio; - second floor under the roof with 2 /two/ apartments The planned garages are 77 – 39 in block “A” and 38 in block “B”.
• The access to the underground garages is by means of ramps. Storing premises for the apartments are planned in the basements of each block. The individual apartments and shops combine high technologies, comfort and security.
• The buildings match perfectly the environment. Grassed areas are planned around the blocks pursuant the coordinated plan part: Park laying-out.

Mladost 3 project

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